Business blogging and article writing services

Business blogging is a strategy that works, no matter what your industry. If you’re a small business owner without a blog, you could well be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Maybe you’ve published a couple of sporadic blogs throughout the year, but find it difficult to dedicate the time for a blog a week, or even a blog a month.

To your audience it doesn’t look great. It doesn’t look like you care enough to keep it updated.

The act of regular blogging and writing thought leadership articles puts your business out there as a leader in the field. It’s a fantastic way to engage with your audience and showcase your expertise. A slow burner, but one that can be extremely effective over the long term.

If your audience sees your blogs and articles as the place to get excellent information and begins to trust what you say, they’ll eventually transition to see your products or your services in the same trustworthy light.

Cutting through the noise can be difficult, but persistence pays off. As does accurate, well-informed and useful content. Your blog should aim to cover three main areas:

  • Addressing user needs

  • Helping to solve industry problems

  • Thought leadership on topics relevant to your business

If you can’t dedicate the resource to produce the type of content, get someone else to do it for you.

SEO benefits to blog writing

When it comes to search engines, there is no replacement for top quality content. Users love this and so does Google. Publishing regular new content that is hitting short tail and long tail keywords, is going to work wonders for your search engine visibility, meaning more people are going to land on your site.

This is how you build your audience, which will bring in the business and conversions further down the line. Find out more details of SEO copywriting here.

Article writing services

You may require a one off article for a certain campaign or a series of content pieces that form part of a wider content marketing strategy. Copy Bee comes highly experienced in this field with a decade of article writing to inform on the most product methods – blog writing is where it all started. You can explore plenty of examples of my work here.  


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