Experienced website writer

As well as a passion for health and fitness, I’m an experienced digital writer and webmaster.

After a stint living and working in Spain after university, I come back home and began writing for a number of sports websites satisfying both my passion for Spain and writing. I started my own niche website and what first started out as a hobby writing articles and blogs, has developed into a full-blown digital marketing career. 

As well as writing effective words, I've developed an in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation while working at one of Europe's largest sports nutrition websites. This means I can write persuasive text aimed at your audience and make it optimised to be found via search engines. 

Now almost 10 years after my jaunt to Spain and hundreds of articles, blog posts and web pages later, Copy Bee Creative is here and ready to write for you.  

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile to verify any outlandish claims.

My own passion and knowledge in health and fitness means you can be confident that I know what I’m writing about.

I’ve been training seriously for well over a decade and get into the gym for a solid morning session at least four times a week.

Your business will be in safe hands with me.

I love writing…but I also love deadlifts

I love writing…but I also love deadlifts