Google processes around 3.5 billion searches every day. For business, leisure or something else, people use online search for anything and everything. If you're new to the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it may be just what your company has been searching for. 

My SEO services broadly come in two forms:

"Ben was always willing to go the extra mile for colleagues and the business making him stand out from the crowd very quickly in his time at THG. His calm and mature approach to the job allowed him to achieve quick progression and recognition within management and his friendly and approachable nature made him a 'go to' knowledge source in the craft of SEO."

Jay Lau - Head of Marketing,

SEO Website Audit

An SEO audit of your website is perhaps the best place to start if you’re looking to put a long-term strategy in place.

A technical audit will give you a thorough understanding of your sites current status, what’s missing, where you’re falling behind, and more importantly, where you can make improvements and increase your visibility and organic traffic.

The SEO report you get from the audit will outline your standings on all key areas of interest, including:

  • Site visibility and domain authority

  • On-page optimisation

  • Keyword rankings and opportunities

  • Site speed check - mobile and desktop

  • Content quality issues - low quality pages, duplicate pages

  • Backlinks

  • Technical SEO - run a technical crawl, indexing issues, URL errors

An SEO audit can come in two packages: basic, medium or full.

A basic audit will cover the top 4 bullet points, medium the top 5 and full audit will cover all 7 points above. If you want something a little more bespoke, such as an SEO page audit, blog audit or something else, just explain your desire in a message.

Once an audit is complete and a thorough understanding is gathered, a step-by-step plan of action can then be put together for website optimisation.

Increase long-term, targetted and free traffic with SEO

Increase long-term, targetted and free traffic with SEO

SEO Content Writing

Why do I need SEO content?

Creating specific SEO content will help you to target the right customers in a more natural way. Providing regular, high quality content that answers customer queries, addresses problems or provides further insights will boost your authority, and credibility. 

If you do your research and create a proper plan of attack, organic search will soon become your primary source of traffic.

Best of all to small and medium-sized businesses, there is no cost associated with SEO! You're not paying to have adverts displayed in Google, you're creating brilliant content that will be ranked in search engines on merit. 

It's important to know that SEO is a long-term strategy. Done correctly and it will, without a shadow of doubt, have a positive impact on your website. 

Is there a process behind SEO copywriting?

Absolutely. The process of creating truly useful content through SEO copywriting is a science and an art. It combines the skill of writing for humans with a dash of technical know-how.

The algorithms search engines use to rank pieces of content are complex - Google has over 200 ranking factors - but a couple of main factors persist: the quality of your content, on-page optimisation and links. The better your content is, the more links you will get. 

SEO content writing is a science and an art

SEO content writing is a science and an art

My 5 Simple Steps to SEO content writing in 2019

  1. It starts with thorough keyword research. Keywords come with an associated monthly search volume, telling you roughly how many people in a given country search for that exact term on Google. Keywords with a big search volume are more competitive and harder to rank for - these are known as short-tail keywords. Conversely, long-tail keywords come with a lower search volume and aren’t as competitive. Not to be dismissed these are easy to rank for and are often more targetted.

  2. Next, the identified search terms are analysed and mulled over before a list or lists are created of possible keywords that you can target.

  3. Plan the content to match keyword. This takes into account the user’s intent behind the search so you can provide the most useful result. This stage is crucial to ranking well in Google. You may just want to create one piece of strategic content or you might use the keywords to create a blog plan for the next 6 months.

  4. Now it’s times for writing! First and foremost, I write for humans and not Googlebots - optimising for the search engine robots comes later. Practices such as keyword stuffing, the repetition of key phrases and writing for engines are all severely out-dated! 

  5. Finally comes the optimisation process to make your focus topic crystal clear to search engines. I make sure your targetted keywords are in all the right places - meta titlesub-headings (correct H-tags), meta descriptions and variants used throughout. User experience, internal linking and visual layout now play a vital role in SEO, so these are also considered.


Sounds great, where do I start? 

As well as being able to create compelling, readable content, Copy Bee has the intricate SEO expertise to help you target the correct short-tail and long-tail keywords that will bring traffic to your site - take a look for yourself at some of the improvements I’ve made to other websites. 

I can help to rejuvenate your current, stale web content that isn't optimised, or improve your website with brand new, fresh words to make your user and the search engines happy.

Together we can plan an SEO strategy to take you forward or just take it one piece at a time. The sooner you start thinking and taking SEO action, the quicker you'll see the results come in.


If you like the sound of SEO copywriting, get in contact today. We can discuss the type of SEO content you are after and develop a plan of action to get it done.  

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