Below you'll find examples of my work over the past few years covering a range of clients, sectors and audiences. From protein to will writing, I've dabbled, and had a positive impact, with a mix of topics - have a read for yourself.

You'l find my examples split into 3 main areas: articles and blog posts, website pages and SEO specific work.   

Articles and Blog Posts

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An in-depth 1,750 word article on tips to gain weight and build muscle mass for one of the most influential health and lifestyle brands in Europe.


Read the post: Top 5 tips to gain weight and build muscle mass

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A post for the company blog of sustainability consultancy Anthesis on marine plastic pollution. The blog identifies four actions businesses can take to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans. 

Read the post: How businesses can reduce plastic pollution in our oceans


As well copywriting, I've turned my hand at copyrighting. Here's an article I ghost wrote on intellectual property and how start-ups can avoid copyright infringement for news and careers site We Are The City. 

Read the post: How to avoid copyrighting for a start-up

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An outreach post for online magazine About Manchester on the latest research figures showing that more people have been moving from London to Manchester than vice versa. 

Read the post: Out with the London, in with the Manchester


A short article on succession planning for family businesses. It was part of a series of posts for online resource site Fresh Business Thinking. 

Read the post: Family business want succession but are not planning


A guest post aimed at SME owners and new start-ups for business site Minutehack. I discussed three legal tips to help new businesses get off to the best possible start. 

Read the post: The legal advice SMEs should read 

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A 2,000 word look at Denilson, one of Brazil's most skillful footballers who didn't quite hit the heights he was projected to reach. Privileged to write this one for iconic magazine These Football Times. 

Read the post: Denilson and the mercurial talent of a lost legend

One of a series of blog posts I did for international sports newspaper This piece was on Premier League Spanish footballers who could potentially break into the national side. 

Read the post: Premier league Spaniards who can break into la roja

I first hired Ben as a freelancer for Inside Spanish Football. His dedication, writing and overall enthusiasm gave him all the factors you need in the writing world. I often keep in touch to see what he’s covering and can’t speak highly enough of him.”
— Ben Crump, Chief Editor of Inside Spanish Football

Website and Landing Pages

Educational landing page

Educational landing page

To help customers feel more informed during the buying process and to tap into new, relevant keywords, I developed and created a whole series of information-led landing pages on key supplement categories for Myprotein.  

Revenue generating 'best' page

Revenue generating 'best' page

The Supplement Guide covered high priority areas for the site - whey protein, creatine, pre-workout, amino acids and vitamins

Each educational landing page then led to a revenue generating 'best' page. These SEO-focussed pages mapped the most relevant product against a specific a set criteria. 

After proving to be highly successful for the UK website, I rolled out a full version of this series to the 9 other English-speaking domains, including Myprotein US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India.

SEO Projects

Data from

Data from

Holiday Company

I was tasked with revamping all of the SEO meta titles and descriptions for Citrus Holidays. I took this work on just before July '17, and after a mass upload organic visibility rose over the next few months by more than 100%.

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Gorvins Solicitors

My time working in-house at Gorvins saw a dramatic rise in organic traffic. This was generated through a strong content marketing strategy, plus a refreshing of content on the main website service pages. 

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Anthesis Group

I started work on the Anthesis website in September 2017. After a full site audit, I developed an SEO and content strategy to take the website forward. I updated and reoptimised existing content as well as building out and writing new pages. Traffic has dramatically increased and continues to do so.