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Fitness is a passion. Teaching, training and motivating other people to keep fit and better themselves is a skill and true dedication. For people in the health and fitness industry, this isn’t just a job -  it’s a way of life.

I’m not a PT or fitness professional (although I sometimes wish I was), but I’m passionate about training, building strength and conditioning - and have been for over a decade.*

I’m a fitness copywriter and content marketer. And I love it. I love writing incredibly useful content that informs and educates a reader - I can transfer this passion and knowledge to your reader and your brand.

What is a fitness copywriter?

Fitness copywriters write the content (or copy) that goes on to websites and other marketing materials for health and fitness businesses just like yours.

I specialise in writing:

  • In-depth articles

  • Blog posts

  • Copy for web pages

  • Newsletters

  • The words for offline materials, such as leaflets and flyers.

A copywriter’s goal is to persuade its reader to take action – join your gym, contact you about your PT services, download a fitness guide you’ve produced. To persuade a user, your words need to be crystal clear, brief and convincing.

The goal of a content writer is slightly different. Content writers are in the business of informing, educating and entertaining - this is known as content marketing. For your health and fitness business, you need a combination of the two.

It’s my job to give your website copy the same enthusiasm, dedication and effectiveness as you give your clients.

Why do I need a fitness writer?

Fitness requires an investment of time and effort - investing in a dedicated fitness copywriter can make the difference to your business.

Fitness requires an investment of time and effort - investing in a dedicated fitness copywriter can make the difference to your business.

As a fitness copywriter I understand your challenges and the time pressures you face. Personal training or running a gym can be a very tiring business.

Yes, I’ve seen the PTs at the gym before 6am and still there slogging away at 9:30pm. Gym owners and fitness professionals are the same. You might nip for a coffee in between, but it’s hard, demanding work.

A fitness copywriter takes away the additional pressure of writing content for your business. And not just any content, content that builds your brand, informs your audience and sells your skills - it’ll get your business looking good online as well as in the flesh!

Working with a health and fitness copywriter is an investment. As with all good brands, to grow you need to invest. As a PT or gym owner, there’s nothing more important than persuading people to get healthy and stay fit - the same investment needs to be given to market your skills and business to potential clients.

How will good content writing develop my business?

Consistent, high quality writing will make your ideal customer feel more educated and smarter. Providing this much value and information will help you to become the source of information on all things fitness. Make your audience happy and they'll eventually make you happy. This is content marketing.

How do people know how good you are? Why should they come to you? Why your fitness business? 

You show them. You lead by example and demonstrate that you're the expert and the one who can help. 

Consistent content marketing allows you to voice your expertise, provide true value and establish a connection. People will only come to you once you've made a connection and developed a trusting relationship. 

Why should I work with Copy Bee? 

1.      Firstly, like you, I’m mad passionate about fitness and enjoy nothing better than starting my day off with an early morning gym session.

2.      I’m a professional content writer. I can pair these two passions together just like a thruster and walking lunge superset. Brutal but effective. I can help you develop and publish a consistent content plan to create connections with your target audience. 

3.      I worked in content marketing for one of Europe’s most well-known fitness brands – I managed and edited the blog before moving into an SEO role for the UK site. I was responsible for the organic channel that brought in around 30,000 visitors every day – a million sessions a month. Your business might be a bit shy of these numbers, but I understand how Google works and can use this knowledge to your advantage.  

My detailed article for - Top 5 Tips to Gain Weight and Build Muscle Mass but further examples of recent fitness articles.

"Ben was always willing to go the extra mile for colleagues and the business making him stand out from the crowd very quickly in his time at Myprotein. His calm and mature approach to the job allowed him to achieve quick progression and recognition within management and his friendly and approachable nature made him a 'go to' knowledge source in the craft of SEO."

Jay Lau - Head of Marketing at

* Morning gym sessions are a must. It’s not a proper gym picture if it isn’t accompanied by a painful grimace!

* Morning gym sessions are a must. It’s not a proper gym picture if it isn’t accompanied by a painful grimace!

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